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Use your data, improve your business

Knowing which hot desks are in use? Easy. Knowing when meeting rooms are used mostly and by how many people? We can do that now. Finding a quiet, cool hot desk near a printer? Or knowing who’s where in your building, and which teams need to work together more? That’s all coming.

We’re on the cusp of extraordinary things as lighting infrastructures become part of the Internet of Things. There are great benefits now. And we want to learn together with our customers how we can use data to improve all kinds of aspects of their business.

Martin Hartmann Business Developer Digital Services

The facts at your fingertips

Right now, we can tell you about the performance of your luminaires, and detect the presence of people. Soon, you’ll be able to use our luminaires and sensors to measure all kinds of things, like temperature, air quality and noise.

We present the data we collect in dashboards like the one you see below, for you to check whenever you want. And if there’s something urgent you need to know, we’ll send you an alert so you can act straight away.

And you can use that data in lots of ways to make your life easier, and your business more efficient. Here are two fundamental solutions.

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Our intelligent systems

put you in control.

To use our Digital Services, you need one of our lighting control systems, like LITECOM or LITENET. We connect that to the cloud, and tailor the set-up of our data services to your specific buildings and challenges. Your data is safely stored, ready to start giving you ideas, creating added values or saving you money.