smart lighting as a service


With our COMPLETE service package, we successfully managed the entire lighting project for the offices in St Martin Tower, offering a turnkey lighting solution.

With planning, project management and installation of the state-of-the-art lighting all included in the package, our comprehensive offering ensured that the customer was free to concentrate on its core business - while we took care of the lighting.

We also started a new IoT project in the tower, with building administrator THA Verwaltungs-GmbH. Therefor we used our Digital Services which collect data that shows how a building is being used. For the St Martin Tower project, we installed cloud connected presence sensors in eight of the building’s conference rooms, which work with the rooms’ luminaires and our LUXMATE LITENET lighting control system, to collect and store data. This data can then be used to improve business efficiency and give valuable insights. For example, our systems detect when rooms are being used, and what they’re being used for. They can also be used to optimize cleaning plans, potentially saving money.

Our Digital Services offer also allows the whole building to be monitored remotely. So the facilities manager can review its entire infrastructure - simply from their screen. Our luminaires report back on how they’re performing, so facilities managers are alerted before anything fails and are able to react in a timely way in the event of any disruption.

„ZGS operates basically everything. From planning, over lighting, delivery and commissioning, to maintenance and after-sales services. A complete project from A-Z. Ultimately, the end-user only needs to use one button. That’s truly unique! We have the know-how of our employees, ZGS has the quality and the outstanding technology. This combination is a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Michael Weber, Management, Herbert Betz GmbH & co. KG, Electrical Installation


Making use of the digital transformation and changing classical retail – that was the aim of retailer E.Leclerc, Langon. And we’ve supported the French hypermarket on this exciting digitalization journey, using a pilot project to test the added value of IoT retail lighting concepts.

Together we’ve used light as infrastructure to create new, interactive shopping experiences. And the results show that sales in selected customer groups rose by more than 40% compared to the previous year, proving that retailers really benefit from a networked IoT lighting solution. At the same time, the project has provided fresh insights into utilizing the “Internet of Light” and positively influencing customer loyalty in the retail sector.

Through close engagement with the customer, we analyzed key problems and developed a step by step solution: The first stage of the pilot project was the installation of Bluetooth beacons in the existing TECTON C luminaires from Zumtobel to create connected lighting. Next, we installed a localization platform and linked it to the E.Leclerc customer loyalty program. We then closely monitored the pilot test running since the beginning of December 2017. Three different groups, 770 participants in total, tested the app. They were informed about the new app and its functionalities in the store. These included push messages, location-based offers, help finding a particular product and the option to highlight and request missing products.

Land Securities

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) and UK’s largest real estate investment trust Land Securities have teamed up to trial various innovative lighting solutions. We introduced our ‘light as a service’ range in their offices at 100 Victoria Street, covering everything from lighting management and remote monitoring to environmental sensing and data-based space management. The aim: to show the value of connected lighting to the customer and how this concept supports the overall building management.

Land Securities were faced with the problem that the meeting rooms in their HQ were ‘always full’, so people started to demand more space. When we actually analysed the data, we found that while that may have been true in the morning, it wasn’t the case in the afternoon. So instead of starting an expensive office reorganisation or renting more space, they used the insights gained from the lighting system to change when meetings were scheduled. Problem solved - and at a fraction of the potential cost.

“Working in partnership with Zumtobel Group Services to test and develop their new lighting concepts, which both optimise energy consumption and gather useful data about how the space is used to improve the customer experience, is a great example of real innovation in action.”

Neil Pennell, Head of Engineering and Design, Land Securities Group PLC.
© Dipl. Ing. Norman A. Müller

Life Cycle Tower ONE, Dornbirn

The Life Cycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE) is the first wooden hybrid high-rise construction of its kind in the world. Together with our partner BOSCH Software Innovations, we were able help the ground-breaking project go one step further.

A joint pilot project has given us the chance to extend the existing LITECOM lighting controls system with a series of sensors. Data is gathered and visualised in a cloud-based IoT suite. This information means that we can now find out much more about how the lighting system and certain areas of LCT ONE are actually used. Based on these findings, we have been able to really optimise space management in this Rhomberg Group building.

“Connectivity is becoming more and more important for construction companies and building operators. Through the smart usage of light management systems and the connection to the Internet of Things (IoT), we are able to offer our tenants the opportunity to receive valuable information about how they can get the best out of their space and improve user experiences.”

Hubert Rhomberg, CEO Rhomberg Group